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Port Charlotte Dentist New Technology For Treating Periodontal Disease

Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is a laser based technique for treating periodontal disease without using a scalpel and sutures. This alternative is more comfortable for the patient than conventional gum surgery which can be very painful.

Port Charlotte Dentist How Does It Work?

Tartar, associated with inflamed and bleeding gums, is removed from the root surface of the tooth using an ultrasonic scaler and small instruments.

Next, a small amount of light energy from a laser is directed through a tiny fiber, which is gently placed between the gum and tooth. This light energy removes a tiny amount of diseased tissue and aids in reducing the bacteria associated with periodontal disease. After the area is thoroughly cleaned the body can heal the area naturally.

Tooth Pocket Diseased Tooth Tissue Ultrasonic Scaler
Laser accesses the pocket. Laser removes diseased tissue, leaving important connective fibers in place. Ultrasonic scaler removes root surface deposits.
Laser Periodontal Therapy Compressed Gum Tissue Bite Adjustment
Laser finishes debriding
the pocket.
The tissue is compressed against the root surface and a stable fibrin clot forms. The bite is adjusted where needed to balance the forces on the teeth.

Laser Periodontal Therapy can be used on all stages of gum diseases; from Gingivitis through severe periodontal disease. The benefits of laser surgery are outstanding from simple treatments to the most complex.

Port Charlotte Dentist  Some of these benefits are:

  • No healthy tissue is removed, enhancing the chance for the gum tissue to reattach to the tooth surface without further exposure of the root
  • Less pain & less bleeding
  • Faster healing with little or no "down time"
  • Laser Therapy stimulates bone regeneration

FDA approved PerioLase® Laser

Port Charlotte Periodontist Dr. Carol Stevens uses the FDA approved PerioLase® Laser for treating periodontal disease. If you suffer from tender, red, swollen, or bleeding gums, call Dr. Carol Stevens for an appointment to evaluate your condition.