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IV Sedation is the most advanced form of Dental Sedation and allows for multiple procedures to be completed in one appointment. IV Sedation is an excellent way to relieve fear, anxiety and stress during a dental procedure so that the patient is comfortable, relaxed and experiences no pain.

IV Sedation techniques result in very safe and efficient appointments, which makes for fewer trips to the dentist. Anxiety, fear and dental phobia can keep a person from seeking treatment when their teeth or gums are in need of dental care.

Port Charlotte Dentist  Dr. Carol W. Stevens is Certified in IV Sedation

Dr. Carol W. Stevens is Certified in IV Sedation, Oral Sedation and Nitrous Oxide and is licensed by the State of Florida to practice Dental Sedation techniques in Charlotte County.

Port Charlotte Dentist  How Does IV Sedation Work?

Prior to the patients dental procedure a small IV is inserted into the bloodstream (typically a vein in the arm) and a sedative medication is given intravenously until the desired level is reached. The patient is monitored continuously throughout the procedure. Typically the area to be treated will also receive a local anesthesia.

After the dental procedure is completed the patient will feel relaxed, without pain or discomfort, and have little or no memory of the procedure afterwards.

Dr. Carol W. Stevens is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and comfort for patients while utilizing the latest methods and techniques in periodontal healthcare.